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Name:Sareen Sarah Satine
Location: california

(( Favorite: ))

Movies-nightmare before christmas, edward sizzor hands, big fish, bettlejuice, moulinrouge
Bands- Taking back sunday, dashboard confessional, yellow card,311, eve 6,sugar cult, blink 182, no doubt,rooney postal service, story of the year , plain white T's,and queens.
Actors- josh hartnett
Actresses-angilina jole
Quotes- "your lipstick his collar , dont bother angel, i know excatly what goes on"
Books- kitchen

[[ Least Favorite: ]]

Movies- snow day
Bands-slip knott
Actors- will smith
Actresses- jada pinked smith
Quotes- fuck you
Books- what will happen after tomorrow.

{{ What do you think about: }}

President Bush- close minded
Christina Aguleria- awesome
Britney Spears- she needs to stop being soo FAKE
Hilary Duff- not my style
Drugs- ull get hooked, dont do it, it ruins lives i know quite a few who have.
Teen Sex- just play it safe and dont get pregnant! rap it up BOYS!
Gay Marrige- love is love, u cant choose who u'll fall inlove with.
Black Nail Polish- totaly me.
Mini Skirts- Skirts make the world go round!

-- Pictures --
sorry i cant shrink them

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