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Name: Alexandra
Age: sweetsixteen*
Location: south Florida

(( Favorite: ))

Movies- simply irresistible & cruel intentions
Bands- yellowcard - no doubt - the used - simple plan & mest
Actors- Ryan phillipe
Actresses- reese witherspoon
Quotes- "do be cute - done be a slut" - Nicole Richie
Books- gossip girl

[[ Least Favorite: ]]

Movies- 8 mile
Bands- good charlotte
Actors- eminem
Actresses- angelina jolie
Quotes- i hate all those quotes about the "lucious lips n thick thighs - wanna hitt diss?" shit
Books- lord of the rings :/

{{ What do you think about: }}

President Bush- i like him - i think he's the cutest little old man ever - and he's our president so we should to support him
Christina Aguleria- she's hott - and i love that she does her thing and doesn't care what anyone else thinks
Britney Spears- i wont deny it - i love Britney
Hilary Duff- she's cute - but i hate her show on Disney
Drugs- have fun - but be careful
Teen Sex- its your choice - do it if you think your ready - but if i could have - i would've waited longer
Gay Marriage- what ever makes you happy!
Black Nail Polish- what ever your into i guess...
Mini Skirts- theres no such thing as too many mini skirts!!

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