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Pure Sex.

Name:Heather Cohen
Location: Connecticut, USA

(( Favorite: ))

Movies- Hedwig and the angry inch, Rocky Horror, Out Cold
Bands- Hedwig and the angry inch, Placebo, Incubus, Dead Kennedys, Jack Johnson.
Actors- John Cameron Mitchel, Tim Currey, Johnny Depp.
Actresses-Ehm...The...Good ones.
Quotes-"A Mental Mind-Fuck can be nice." "Jesus was black. I swear."
Books-Exquisite Corpse by Poppy Z. Brite.

[[ Least Favorite: ]]

Movies-Children Shouldn't Play With Dead Things, Stepford Wives, 101 Dalmations.
Bands-The Police, Papa Roach, Linkin Park, Limp Bizkit, Keane.
Actors-The old ones.
Actresses-The ond ones. And Uma Thermon.
Quotes-"Love isn't worth it." "Dying is better."
Books- Kite Runner, Farenheit 451.

{{ What do you think about: }}

President Bush-I dont like him, but i wouldn't have liked Kerry either.
Christina Aguleria-When did she become so...Puerto rican? And when did her hair take over the world?
Britney Spears-She's just trying to please the world and she'll never get there.
Hilary Duff-She reminds me of Duff Man from the simpsons. I bet she's a drunk.
Drugs- Go ahead, do what you want.
Teen Sex- If you're mature enough to buy a condom on your own, you're mature enough for sex.
Gay Marrige- Fuck Gays! Ehm...I kid. I love those fags. *Pro-queer love.*
Black Nail Polish-Takes too long to put nailpolish on...Especially one that needs so many coats to actually look black.
Mini Skirts-I dont mind them, 'Cept i have no legs for them. I like long skirts.

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